My fine art prints collections will awaken your senses and bring life to the walls of your home by creating a sense of nature surrounding us always.

While growing up in rural New Zealand I was lucky enough to always be connected to nature and the ocean. Long summer holidays were spent by the beach and the water became my soulful place.  

Travel was calling me and early on I attended a course at the London School of Photography which made me fall in love with the art of creating images with movement. I began learning to capture what it was that I was feeling and with this, photography became the way I saw the world. 

 After eight years, I came back home to further progress my passion by completing a 2 year diploma in Photographic Imaging. This formed a solid foundation for me to refine and evolve my techniques. I went on from this to have a successful exhibition of my Changing Tides Collection at a local gallery in Mount Maunganui.

My desire is to capture images that make you feel and evoke an emotional response giving us a place to get lost, to feel grounded and to know that there is something bigger than ourselves in existence. I hope you enjoy browsing my work. 

Julia Lochhead